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Welcome to the ITEC Qualifications Support Academy
Logo Whether you are a College using the Resources as a supporting structure and teaching aid to underpin your teaching or supporting materials for your students , or whether you are a Student using the Resource Pathway for direct study or to underpin and extend your knowledge the ITEC QSA is here to provide you with a unique, new Blended Learning approach

The Qualification Pathways provide structured processes to either directly replace teaching hours or to extend and underpin your offering.

If you are a College then these materials and Resources can be supplemented by your own resources and materials. Simply upload these into the Qualification pathways and Units where they fit.

This is YOUR SITE for YOUR STUDENTS all your materials , resources and the study records and support communications of your students are completely separate and distinct , entirely confidential and totally secure.

Use as much or as little as you wish the Portal is flexible , sustainable and totally scalable

Once you have this in place we will be continuously adding to it with additional materials and Resources

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Jane Foulston
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developed and supported by LRI